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Welcome to the Redwood Camera Club.  We pride ourselves on being a comfortable group with great diversity in its membership; from professional photographers to blue ribbon amateurs and beginners. We hope to provide an environment of inspiration, support, passion, talent, expertise, and skills.

The Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month (subject to change) at the Boy Scout Council office, 1007 Wood Street, Eureka, CA.  We emphasize education for our members through videos, slides, and guest speakers.  Field trips and special themes are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  Ideas for various activities are generated from the Club members.  Each meeting allows time for informal sharing and gentle critique (non-judgmental) by the attending members of photographs brought to that meeting.  Each member may provide 2 photos to share via hard copy in at least 8x10 format.  These photos (presented anonymously) will be commented on with regard to impact, composition and technical merits. Additional photos may be shared, if time permits.  The four main goals of the Redwood Camera Club are to:

  • Provide members with photography related education
  • Provide a forum for exhibiting photographs
  • Perform a community service
  • Provide a forum for informal sharing of photographs


Helpful Information

Dues:  Dues are $30 per calendar year payable in January (or when joining the group.) Members who join mid-year will pay pro-rated dues.  For members who join during the last quarter of the year, full payment is due for that remainder of the year and membership will carry over through the following year

Attendance and Participation:  The intent of the Club is to provide a forum for discussion among members.  Participation is key to being a successful member.  Additionally, everyone is encouraged to join the group for lunch after the meeting.  The location for lunch is decided at each meeting.

Newsletter: A Newsletter is published every two months.  It is emailed to those members with that capability and available in print for others.

Membership Roster:  A membership roster with names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses is made available to each member.  This is a confidential document, not to be released to unauthorized individuals.

Discounts: The following businesses offer discounts to RCC members.  Please express your appreciation.  You may need to present your membership card.

  • Eureka Art and Frame
  • Swanlund’s Camera (advertised specials)

RCC Web  or


Attached are the following documents:

  • Display Requirements Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Submission for Web Gallery or Press Releases
  • How We Hang (information regarding club exhibitions) Information Sheet
  • Membership Questionnaire
  • Photo Projects Information
  • “Affordable Frames” Tips for Hanging (Jpg)

Club by-laws are available via the RCC Web site.

Current (2011-12) Board Membership:

Sharon Falk-Carlsen, President

Diane Williams, Vice-President

Janice Rollins-Dean, Treasurer

Jon Exley, Secretary

Murline Georgeson, Member at Large Web & Newsletter Editor

Betty Fowler, Member at Large

Stilson Snow, Member at Large

For further information, speak to a board member, or contact:


Redwood Camera Club Membership Information














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BEGINNER              INTERMEDIATE               ADVANCED            OTHER

PHOTOBIOGRAPHY:  (INCLUDE ANY PUBLICATION, TEACHING, WEBPAGES, EXHIBITS, ETC)   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





Display Requirements


The most important consideration for hanging your image in an RCC exhibition is safety of the piece:  it should be professionally prepared so it will not fall apart when handled by the installation committee.  Please follow these guidelines:


  • Photographs should be under glass, plastic, acetate, spray or another protective element.  A release will need to be signed if no protection is used and the show curator must approve the piece.
  • Braided wire, aluminum, non-stretch cord, non-stretch plastic, or coated wire must be used. (The word wire can be used for any of these.) No string or rope should be used.
  • Place fasteners for the wire about 1/3 down from the top of the frame/mat.
  • The apex of the wire when pulled up should be 2 inches below the top of the frame/mat.  Do not use hangers with teeth or U-clips.
  • Twist wire at least 4 times after running through the hanger.  If possible, please wrap ends of wire in such a way that handlers are not cut by the sharp edges.
  • Non-skid material on the corners will help reduce movement and protect walls from scuffing.


All shows will be consistent: framed work only or matted work only.


A photograph mounted on a mat board and unframed should be mounted using one of the following methods:


1.  On a mat board (flush mounted).

2.  With a window mat (over mat).

3.  Floating mount.


Two hangers (cost app. $.50 ea.) placed on the back of any unframed photograph with an attached wire will be considered appropriate.


All club show labels shall be standardized per the label instructions and shall contain only the photographer’s name, the name of the photograph or “untitled” and selling information (see How We Hang a Show).


Any exception to the above requirements may be submitted for consideration to the RCC Executive Committee. 

The Show Curator has final say as to the integrity of the framing at the time of exhibition.  Photographs are subject to refusal to hang by the Show Curator and/or hanging committee.  If you have a concern about your piece, please speak to the Curator before the submission day.




How We Hang a Show


It is important to note that when the RCC has an exhibition we want to display the total exhibit at its best and the photographs in the most effective manner possible rather than highlighting any individual photographer.

  1. We highly encourage members to bring their work to meetings and subsequently exhibit in official RCC exhibits.  Exhibitors need to meet the Display Requirements (included in this packet).  Additional limitations may be in place for some exhibits; such as specific themes, topics, size, timeliness, or camera club juried photographs. 


  1. A deadline for sign-up in a group show is set in advance so that we can determine how many pieces each photographer can submit, based on available room in each exhibition space.  Dates and times to submit and hang each exhibit and also to take down the shows are also predetermined.


  1. Hanging Day:  We meet together at the venue at a pre-arranged time and date.  A hanging committee comprised of members (we ask for volunteers) will be responsible for hanging the show.  We place all the photos out in the gallery prior to hanging and then regroup (spot) them in a manner that is appropriate to the venue; it is possible that your photos may not be grouped together side by side.
    Equipment:  Measuring tapes, levels, painters’ tape, hammer, picture-hanging nails are helpful.  If you are not available to help hang the show (or retrieve) your exhibits, club members are glad to help.  Please contact another member who is showing for their assistance.  And please offer help if others need it.


  1. Photographs may not be taken down from an exhibit before the time and date provided by the curator (a picture may be exchanged in case of a sale if coordinated with the curator).  Members removing their work from an exhibit early will be asked not to participate in a RCC show for the following year.  


  1. Please see Framing Requirements for information about preparation of your exhibits.


  1. Labels are to be printed in a uniform format on Avery White Clean Edge Business Cards, 2”x3”, as detailed below:



Line 1: title of photo in 18 point bold Garamond font center justified,

Line 2: name of photographer in 16 point regular Garamond, center justified.

Line 3: Price, NFS, or Framed price/Unframed price in 16 point regular Garamond, right aligned.


Begin each word of your title and your name with a capital and continue with lower case letters.  Occasionally other information may be required such as an artist statement or comments on the theme; this will be at the direction of the show curator.







Submitting Photographs for the RCC Web Site Gallery
or for Inclusion with a Press Release


The Redwood Camera Club has a Web site at (or .com).  Within this site there is a gallery, available to all current members.  Each gallery can hold up to 12 photographs.  To submit your images to this gallery, please follow these guidelines:


Each photo needs:


  • Name of Photographer, as it should be published
  • Name of Photo, as it should be published
  • Photographer’s comments (<25 words)


Photographs should be app. 300 ppi at 5x7 inches.


By Email:  Send to In subject line put:

“Redwood Camera Club Photos.”

By Disk:  You may submit by disk.  Please include all of the above information including size and please label your disk and case. 


By Prints:  If you are bringing the actual photos to scan, please put them in a closed envelope (or other sealed packet) and include all of the above information with each photo.  The size can vary from 2x3 inches to 8x10 inches, though the larger the better, for quality sake.



When RCC has a member exhibition, press releases are sent to local media.  Usually a photograph that is appearing in the exhibition is submitted with the release.  If you wish your photograph to be used for this purpose, please follow these guidelines:


For Press Releases:  When photos are submitted to the media we do not have control of the captions or titles or if they are printed in black and white or color.  However, it is helpful if the photograph is named with its title, PLUS the photographers name as it is to appear.  If photographs are used from the RCC Web site member gallery, we will attempt to rotate use, so everyone gets a chance to appear in the media, but an important factor in selection is how the images would appear if they are printed in black and white.


If you have any questions, please speak with a board member for clarification.






Hanging a Frame

This illustration demonstrates a trick for hanging a picture well.



Photo Projects

At various times Redwood Camera Club members may be involved in or have created a photo project or technique they would like to share with other members. These may be a school, professional, or a cultural project, etc. 

Those members may volunteer to give a brief presentation on their photo project to other interested members. 

Any member may sign up for one of a limited number of presentation times to share their project.  One 30-minute time slot per quarter will be set aside for presentations.  This time would include any question-and-answer period.  The RCC projector and screen would be available for use if requested ahead of time.  If a laptop is required, the presenter would be required to obtain one. 

Note:  This would not be “My Vacation Photos to Australia,” but a true special project or portfolio presentation.

Contact the President to sign up to give a presentation!


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